Top Packing Mistakes To Avoid When Moving

Top Packing Mistakes To Avoid When Moving

  • Moving requires lots of planning and time to execute successfully. The process itself can be quite daunting and things can go wrong. There are a number of mistakes that can be made when moving.
  • Packing mistakes are commonly some of the biggest mistakes made during the process of moving. Knowing in advance what to expect, can help better prepare you for packing when moving home or office.

Here are top packing mistakes to avoid when moving 

Failing to designate enough time for packing

  •   Underestimating the time and energy required to pack for a move is very common and it can be one of the most stressful aspects of planning for a move. Set time aside to go through different rooms of the house to pack and clear out the rooms.
  • Ideally, this should be done over a period of time, on separate occasions rather than setting aside a one-time event to achieve it all. Deciding what to keep, toss, donate or sell can be time consuming and stressful.

Failing to sort and purge your home prior to moving 

  • The less you have to pack, the better. You will save your energy, much needed time, and most importantly money.
  • Taking all of the unnecessary objects to your new place will make unpacking at your new place especially frustrating. A month or so prior to the moving day, go through every room sorting items to keep, sell or donate.

Underestimating how much packing supplies you will need

  • Most people underestimate the amount of stuff they own and almost always come up short on packing supplies. Cutting back on moving supplies can quickly become the least cost effective option if something gets damaged in the process.

Packing in second-hand boxes

  • Used boxes have already been used multiple times, greatly compromising the structure. They may not withstand stacking and can crush easily, damaging your belongings. Movers will usually provide a wide range of new, high-quality moving boxes for an affordable price.

Over packing your boxes

  • Do not over pack your boxes. This may make them too heavy and difficult to handle potentially damaging items inside and or causing injury to the handler. Using similarly sized and weighted boxes makes stacking for hauling to the truck and packing into the truck much easier and simpler.

Not properly packing breakables

  • Packing is an art and there are rules to it. If you are like most people, chances are you are not a professional packer and are not accustomed to packing bulky or fragile items. If not done properly, packing mistakes can have devastating effects on your irreplaceable items. If you decide to pack yourself, read our helpful tips for properly packing fragile items.

Moving your particle furniture in an assembled form

  • Disassemble large furniture items beforehand. This type of furniture is not meant to be moved in an assembled form. Disassembly and re-assembly can be a pain, consider hiring professional movers for assistance.

Packing the boxes without labeling them

  • It’s especially important to note if a box is fragile or extremely heavy. Unpacking will be significantly more streamlined if your boxes are designated to their new destination by room.
Not packing a bag of essentials
  • Be sure to pack a survival kit of essentials you will need for the first week at your new home. Going through all the boxes and finding what you need is time consuming, and you will need to save your energy for unpacking rather than going to look for bed sheets to sleep on or utensils to eat with.
Packing your valuables onto the moving truck
  • When performing any move taking extra precautions is essential. Valuables tend to get misplaced or in worst cases, lost. You do not want the 100-year-old vase that your grandma gave you on your wedding day to go missing.
  • Make sure to be the one to pack and transport all of your valuables, such as personal documents, family heirlooms, jewelry, electronics, and collector items, do not leave this task for the movers.
Packing hazardous items
  • There are specific household items that you should not pack because your movers will not ship them due to safety reasons. Taking them with you will be expensive, dangerous and impractical, so you are advised to use up, sell or donate such items. Here is a list of hazardous items Green City Movers will not move.
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