Tips for moving to a retirement home

Tips for moving to a retirement home

Tips for moving to a retirement home

Moving homes can be challenging. This is especially the case as we begin to age. Transitioning from an independent way of life to a more monitored environment of a retirement home can be nerve wrecking and emotionally overwhelming for some, all the while ideal for others. This experience is different for everyone. Regardless of the situation, preparing for this event with a positive attitude, and patience are the keys to success. Whether you are helping your loved one move into a retirement home or moving in yourself, continue reading our tips for moving to a retirement home to learn more of what to expect.

  • Your loved one is emotionally vested in the home they’re leaving, therefore the sooner you start preparing for their move the better. You must give them plenty of time to get used to the idea of moving into a retirement home. There may be sadness, and apprehension due to perceived loss of control. One of the biggest changes your loved one will experience when moving into a retirement home is meeting new residents and getting used to the staff. They may feel uncomfortable sharing space with people they don’t know. Reassure them that their privacy will be respected at all times and that they can have outside visitors as often as they wish. If possible, keep your loved one included in all of the major decision-making throughout this entire process.
  • Be sure to do your homework when choosing a retirement home, as there are many different options. Schedule visits to multiple communities, read all of the materials, and ask all of the questions you find suiting. Discuss privacy and security of the community and find out if they provide 24-hour support and access to care. Talk to the staff to get a better feel of the environment your loved one will be in if you were to move them to that particular community. Once you do your research you will have a good chance of finding a retirement home that is perfectly accommodating to your particular needs. Once you know what to expect, the entire process will be much less stressful.
  • As soon as you agree on a preferred retirement home, you and your loved one must start planning and making arrangements for the move right away. You don’t want to rush through the process of packing and potentially having to get rid of stuff that is near and dear to them. Carefully go through each room to decide what will be going with them.
  • Decide what furniture, clothes and personal items to bring, and what to store, donate or sell. Ask the administrator or director what furniture, if any, the residence will provide. Establishing a familiar environment at their new residence is very important to help ease the feeling of stress and anxiety for them. It’s also important to remember that their new space will most likely be much smaller now. Small prized possessions will go far in making their new place feel like home. More tips on packing and moving with your elderly loved ones.
  • Find out if staff members at the retirement home are able to help out when the big day arrives. Many communities do provide help with bulky furniture and heavy items. In addition, consider hiring full-service movers, as they will make this whole experience much less stressful on everyone involved. They will load everything, deliver to its destination and put things in place. Leaving you to only worry about the well being of your loved one.

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