Tips for moving to temporary housing

Moving home is not the most fun activity by far

  • But moving to temporary housing can be particularly stressful. Essentially you will have to deal with more than one move and let’s face it moving once is bad enough. Regardless of the fact, moving to temporary housing is a very common situation for many people.

There are many variables

  • Affecting your need for temporary housing. Whether you are in the middle of building your dream house, or have sold your home and have yet to find a new one. Whatever the reason, you now require temporary accommodations. To best prepare for temporary housing, continue reading our tips for moving to temporary housing.

Several options to consider

  •  In terms of the type of temporary housing that you will reside in. Consider why you need temporary housing in the first place and the duration you will need it for. Do you require multiple bedroom accommodations? Do you have kids and/or pets that will be coming along?
  • Do you need this temporary residence to be close to your workplace or your children’s school? Depending on your needs, you may choose to stay in a hotel or an extended stay hotel that offers monthly rates. For longer stays, your best bet would probably be a short-term rental home.

The duration of your temporary stay

  • Will play a major decisive role when choosing your temporary housing. For short-lived stays, you may wish to stay at a hotel to avoid all the troubles involved in renting a house and moving all of your belongings several times. Keep in mind; even a short duration stay at a hotel can become rather expensive.
  • Depending on the duration of your stay, extended stay hotels would provide a more affordable option. They are as convenient as regular hotels with all the necessary utilities, and all your major furnishings. For long term, temporary housing, a rental home would be the most affordable and convenient option.

You will want to look

  •  For a fully furnished place to avoid moving in your own furniture. It’s also important to look into what appliances come with your temporary residence and choose the one that comes with essentials, such as a refrigerator.
  • When packing for temporary housing, it’s important to focus on moving only the bare minimum. You want to avoid bringing your furniture and appliances to your temporary home.
  • Not only because you will have to move them again. But the more items you move, the more expensive and difficult the moving process will be. When packing clothes and shoes, take into consideration the current weather conditions and if it will change or stay the same throughout your entire stay.

Be sure to take all of your valuables

  • Such as personal documents, medications, jewelry, and whatever else if of great value and importance to you.If you require storage for all the household items you’re not taking with you, you will need to look into suitable storage options.
  • If your temporary housing stay is temporary, your movers may provide the best storage option for you. They will move all your belongings out of your old place, into the storage facility and then to your final destination when it is ready. You may require climate controlled storage solutions to ensure that your belongings stay cool, are kept safe, and are protected from the elements.

It’s also advisable

  •  To make a list of everything you’ve put in storage to ensure nothing gets lost or stolen. If you require long-term storage, then a storage unit might be your best option. You can rent it on a monthly basis, and have access to it whenever you like. If you’re moving to another city, then a moving container might be your best bet. You can load all of your belongings, move it to your new city and store it at a facility nearby.

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