Pros and cons of moving to a warmer state

Pros and cons of moving to a warmer state

With the winter months fast approaching, many are beginning to consider relocating to a sunshine state. Warm weather is uplifting and not to forget ideal for outdoor activities.

While living in a warm climate has many advantages, it also has its downfalls. If you are considering a move to a warmer state, read our tips on the pros and cons of moving to a warmer state.


First and foremost, a warmer climate is good for your overall well-being. The sunlight causes our body to produce vitamin D and has direct positive effect on our self-esteem and mood. Organs tend to function better in warm weather as well.

Your immune system is boosted and memory improved. In addition, sunlight promotes your body’s production of serotonin, a hormone that puts us in good mood and reduces stress levels.

Another great aspect of moving to a warmer climate is the ability to engage in many outdoor activities. Whether it’s a day at the pool or a shopping spree, warm weather entices to enjoy the great outdoors.

Sailing, fishing, sunbathing, jogging, picnicking, swimming are just a small part of all the fun activities you can engage in a warm climate.

Warmer states simply have better weather conditions! You can enjoy the blue skies, sunrise, sunset, and flowers blossoming practically all year round. There is something very special indeed about waking up to a clear blue sky, and birds chirping.

Moving to a warmer climate can be especially good for the kids as well. Instead of spending their days indoor, probably playing too many video games, they can go out and play with other kids. With year round warm weather, they are also more likely to participate in after school activities. Learn more by reading our tips on moving with kids.


One of the biggest downfalls of living in a warmer state is the lack of seasons. Most warmer climate states, experience very little, if any weather changes. To some this may be of no bother at all.

But if you love your four seasons and truly enjoy the beauty of it all, the lack of, may prove to be a real bother. After all, its named white Christmas for a reason. This means no snowballs and no snowman for your kids either.

Although warm weather has its many advantages, greater risk of heat exhaustion is also very possible when living in a warmer state.

Another major disadvantage of living in a warmer climate is dealing with the abundance of critters that come along with it. Bugs, insects,

and spiders, tend to thrive in warmer climates and are usually much bigger in size as well. These insects can become a real issue if they decide to nest on or around your property.

When living in a warmer state, you are also more likely to experience an increase in cooling expenses, as you will need to keep your home cool for the majority of the year.

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