Pros and cons of moving from the city to suburbs

Pros and cons of moving from the city to suburbs

Moving from the city to a suburban neighborhood is a significant transition between two very different lifestyles. City life boasts endless opportunities for entertainment, and cultural richness.

Meanwhile, suburban life offers a more low key lifestyle with desirable neighborhoods for raising a family. People make this transition all the time, for many different reasons.

Whatever the reason, moving from the city to suburbs has its advantages and disadvantages. To learn more continue reading our list of pros and cons of moving from the city to suburbs.


In the suburbs 

  • The price per square foot is generally lower than it is in the city. Therefore, you may find housing that is bigger and more affordable when relocating to the suburbs.
  • You may even be able to afford a house in the suburbs for the same amount you were paying to rent in the city, giving you the space and privacy you desire.

Your kids can obtain quality education in the suburbs 

  • and you don’t have to pay a fortune for private schooling. Most suburban public schools have top-rated school system with quality education equivalent to a costly private school in the city.

A better lifestyle living in the suburbs

  • For the most part, you will experience a better lifestyle living in the suburbs on the same income as you did in the city. Enjoying a night out in the suburbs will cost you considerably less.

When you live in the suburbs

  • You will enjoy peace and quiet   The lack of cars on the roads and pedestrian activity on the streets, you will undoubtedly enjoy more silence that you did in the city.
  • Depending on the suburban neighborhood you live in, typically you will have lower crime rates than living in the city.

One of the biggest pros of living in the suburbs

  • Is the lack of traffic you will have to deal with. Unlike the city, suburbs are less condensed and experience significantly less traffic jams, even during peak hours.


Living in the city means enjoying

  • All the culture and entertainment whenever you want, as much as you want. There is no limit to what you can do on any given day of the week.
  • Now that you live in the suburbs, you may have a difficult time adjusting to the lack of variety of things to do. Nightlife tends to die out rather early as well, so don’t expect to find any after hour hotspots.

You might have also enjoyed

  • Take out at 2 in the morning, whereas now you may have to take a small trip just to buy a sandwich.
  • Everything you ever wanted or needed was a short walking distance away. Now that you live in the suburbs, expect to get in your car and drive to most of your daily tasks.

Don’t expect much of a social life

  • When you move to the isolating grounds of the suburbs. If you are interested in meeting new people, you will have to put forth great effort.
  • If you are used to meeting up with friends for brunch, you may now find it much harder to accomplish living in the suburbs.

If you are used to depending on public transportation

  • To get around, transitioning to driving as your main source of transportation may be rather difficult. Public transportation in the suburbs is very limited in comparison to the city, and you will most likely have to drive to even get to a train that will take you into the city.
  • If you are moving to suburbs, you should highly consider living in close proximity to bus line or railroad.
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