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Flat rate vs hourly rate moving

flat rate vs hourly rate

Flat rate vs hourly rate moving will help you get started:

You will be faced with a decision to choose either a flat rate or an hourly rate. Although you won’t always get a say in the matter. As your Flat Rate Movers NYC  will initially offer one that they believe to be more suitable for your move.

Knowing the difference between the two can potentially be of benefit to you. One is not necessarily better than the other, just different.

The key is to know exactly what the two moving rates offer and how they appeal to particular moving situations. Know the difference between the two rates to be able to choose the option that works best for your NYC move.

Hourly Rate

For the most part local moving company are charged by the hourly rates. Rates may vary and are affected by desired date, time of the day and month.

Hourly rate billing typically begins upon immediate arrival at your home and ends when your belongings are delivered to their destination and the move is complete.

Hourly rate moving services may also include additional flat fees for “Travel time”. Travel time is basically the time it takes for the movers to get to your home from their terminal and back to terminal from your new destination.

Depending on the distance traveled to and from, you can expect to pay an additional 1-3 hours for travel time. Most moving companies that charge by the hour will also have a standard minimum of 3-4 hours labor time.

Which means if your move takes 2 hours to complete, you will still get charged for 3 or 4. Ultimately, with an hourly rate you may not know exactly what your final bill will be until the move is over.

Although you will be given an oral and written estimate of how long your move is estimated to complete, it is without guarantee.

Flat Rate

The flat rate moving NYC will give you a sense of knowing, in terms of finances. You will know from the very beginning exactly what you will be paying for your move from start to finish, as long as the inventory at the time of the estimate stays the same.

Flat rate allows you to budget your move exactly to what you will have to pay, ahead of time.

Learn how to budget your upcoming move 

To receive a flat rate quote, a moving estimator will get the value and weight of all items being relocated. It is a free service that most reputable  moving companies offer.

“Travel time” and various other significant factors, such as parking, and access to the home, is also taken into consideration during evaluation. Once everything is assessed, the estimator will then offer you a flat rate price amount, which is guaranteed not to exceed.

The flat rate option is a one-time fee with all moving and packing services already calculated in the final price.

Binding Estimate

Will not increase only if your inventory stays the same, and no matter how many hours your move takes to complete, you are guaranteed to pay the initial flat rate estimate.

Even if your move takes 10 hours to complete for whatever reason, versus the estimated 6 hours, you won’t be charged the difference. If your initial inventory changes, then you can expect an adjustment of the overall price. Call Flat Rate Movers Brooklyn to get quality moving services and upfront price for your move with no extra or hidden fees. One time price. Period! 212-470-2729

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