What Should I Expect On the Move Day?

If you have already contacted the moving company

  • Then you must already be wondering what to expect on the actual move day. Besides wondering whether or not to hire a professional moving company to facilitate an easier move, majority of people do not know what to expect on the actual move day.
  • Finding¬†themselves wondering, “What should I expect on the move day?”. In this regard, if you have already packed your belongings and ready for the move, here are a few last minute tips for the moving day. It is important to have this kind of information because, regardless of how well you prepare, there will be something missed. In this case, it is advisable to know what might happen as well as what to expect to help ease the stress.
  • This is because moving has never been easy but with the right moving company, you can relax a little.

Below are some of the things that are most likely forgotten when planning a move to a new home or office. 

  • Ensure to save room for the truck: whether you are hiring movers or even moving items for yourself, it is important to remember to create parking space for the moving truck. One of the things of ensuring that such arrangements are in order is notifying your neighbors about the move.
  • Explain to them that you will be using the front parking spaces, the back alley or whichever space you consider the best for the move. When hiring local moving company, it is important to ensure that the moving truck is parked close to your old home. This will save you additional costs because failure to block enough parking spaces might result in the hiring company charging more especially if the truck is parked down the street.
  • This extra charge is usually referred to as a long carry. You now definitely understand the importance of saving enough room for the truck before the actual moving day.

Notify Your Neighbors

  • Although this point has been mentioned, mentioning it again is worthwhile. Your neighbor should not only be aware of the parking space but also the amount of inconvenience they may have to deal with during your move. For example, if you will be moving on a weekend when your neighbors are at home, it is prudent to let them know that you will be making use of the sidewalk or even the space out front.
  • While some of them may not complain, it is highly important for you to let them know that you will be moving. You never know, this way, they will create enough space or even a good moving environment for you and our moving company crew.

Ensure To Have Some Cash On Hand

  • It is always advisable for you to have some cash with you at all time and this includes the actual move day. You will need some cash on hand to buy snacks and pizza or even for tipping crew members. This is not all; there are other last minute things that will require money and which credit cards cannot help.
  • What is more, you may not have time to rush to the bank to get some cash. Majority of the movers usually appreciate a cash tip; ensure to have it with you way before they arrive.
  • Additionally, ensure to keep it somewhere that is easily accessible even after you are done moving.

Do Not Forget To Leave The Keys Behind

  • This is particularly important if you have been renting the apartment you are currently using. Therefore, find out what you are supposed to do with the keys before you move out. For instance, you can make the necessary arrangement with the landlord. On the other hand, if you are the homeowner, check with the real estate agent or even the new owners.
  • Additionally, collect all the copies of the keys from your children, relatives, spouse, and relatives and have them ready for the new homeowners. On the other hand, ensure to have keys to your new home ready on arrival. Do not make moving company wait as you track down the keys as this may cost you more.

What Should I Expect On The Move Day?

  • Have detailed information about the directions to your new house. While you may know the directions of your new home, the movers might have a harder time locating it and therefore the need to have detailed information of the direction of your new home.
  • Some of the things that you should know include where to park and our moving company crew will greatly appreciate you.
  • Your family and friends will want to understand where to go and the last thing that you want to worry about is ensuring that everybody is following you. You must note that the move day is not a good day for keeping a convoy together.