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West Village historic architecture

  • Fine dining, cutting-edge nightlife and an overall neighborhood feel contribute to this area’s sought-after reputation. Whether you’re a newcomer or just moving down the block, let West Village Movers help get you where you need to go.
  • As one of the best West Village Movers, we know what is at stake with your upcoming move. We understand that no two moves are ever the same and one fit all approach does not work.  We prefer a more personalized solution to all of the moves we perform.
West Village Manhattan New York Movers

West Village Manhattan

West Village, Manhattan’s lovely gem

  • Landmarked as a historic district, the West Village is one of Manhattan’s most desirable places to live. Comfortable and cozy, the West Village provides a small-town feel within the heart of the big city. This neighborhood has it all, from great public schools, to adorable boutiques and top restaurants.
  • Known for its small, cobblestone streets lined with trees, 19th century, gorgeous brownstones and historic buildings, and charming bistros, West Village is one of Manhattan’s most desirable neighborhoods.
  • Located right below Chelsea and above SoHo on the lower west side of Manhattan, this affluent area offers a distinct, intimate vibe that sets it apart from many other hustle-bustle New York City destinations.
  • Best known as the home of the bohemian and the hip, today it is a modern day mecca for writers, artists, actors, and students as well as families of various ethnic backgrounds and financial means.
  • With over 8o% of West Village having historic district status, this neighborhood houses some of the beautiful architecture in the City. One of the few High Victorian Gothic style buildings left in Manhattan is the Jefferson Market. It served as a courthouse, branch library and women’s detention center in the early 1900s.
  • This lovely neighborhood has everything from fine dining establishments, farm to table shops and vintage stores to hip nightlife scene and small off-Broadway theatres. All contribute to the first-rate reputation of this ultra-fashionable, and busy neighborhood. West Village offers plenty of entertainment options appropriate for all ages.

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