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Things to do after moving to Long Island

The most exciting life-changing event

  • Moving to Long Island can be the most exciting life-changing event. Whether you are a member of a growing family with kids, a young couple or a single person, there is plenty of things to do here.
  • If you plan to relocate locally or to move long-distance to Long Island, make sure to organize your trip in time. Professional movers Long Island can help you move so you don’t stress about it.
  • When you settle in your new Long Island home, the first thing you should do is to explore the neighborhoods. There are plenty of fun things to do and visit. Keep reading so you can find out more about fun things you can do after moving to Long Island.

Best activities for families with kids

  • Long Island is famous for being a fun place for children to grow up in. Besides amazing water park and countless beach activities, you will never run out of options.
  • After moving to Long Island, you will want to meet some friends in a new city, have fun and spend the day exploring the Island! Whether your child is into science, nature, art or sports, on Long Island there will always be something fun to do.

Family Fun Parks 

  • If you’re lucky to move to Long Island during spring or summer, make sure you visit Family Fun Parks. These theme parks will keep the whole family entertained.
  • For active families and children of all ages, this is the outdoor activity for an entire day. Don’t miss the Adventureland or any other indoor fun centers.

Children’s Museums 

  • Perhaps you want your kids to enjoy a fun, science-oriented day. If that’s the case, visit some of the famous children’s museums in Long Island.
  • You can see many exhibits and hands-on displays made to teach and entertain kids. One of the most famous children’s museums is the one in Garden City, Bridgehampton, and Riverhead.
  • For a whole-day outdoor fun for family take a field trip on Long Island. Historical sites, famous gardens, and museums are just some of the attractions to see. Most popular ones are Long Island petting zoo, aquarium and the famous village dedicated to early Long Island life at Old Bethpage Village Restoration.

Beach fun for everyone!

  • After moving to Long Island, New York, visiting beaches is a must. White sand and miles, and miles of walking paths with beautiful sunsets will make your day! You can enjoy countless beach activities, whether you are a fan of water sports or a romantic soul.
  • Take a long walk along the beach so you can check out some of the best restaurants in New York. In case you’re not a foodie and you prefer spending time in the water, check out some of the famous water sports in Long Island.

Besides kayaking, canoeing, surfing, Seal & Whale watching 

  • many people come to Long Island for a vacation. If Long Island is a destination for your new home, you will be thrilled. Visiting the Hamptons is a must, especially during summer.
  • Here you can find many beautiful beaches, bars, and restaurants. Besides, nightlife is what Hamptons are famous for! Ask locals for their favorite places to eat so you can take your time to enjoy the Long Island’s most luxurious neighborhood.

Fine dining after moving to Long Island

  • Finding a great place to eat is easy on Long Island so take a long walk and make it an adventure!
  • Many restaurants in Long Island are famous for preparing their own, locally grown food. Local fine dining places will satisfy even the pickiest food lovers.
  • Some of the most popular restaurants in Long Island are Club A Steakhouse, Tellers Chophouse, Kotobuki, and East by Northeast.

Wineries and breweries 

  • Long Island is a home to over 60 vineyards and over 30 wineries. Most of them are open for visitors and perfect for some wine or beer tasting.
  • Ask locals to direct you to the nearest winery or brewery. Long Island is one of the top 10 wine regions in the world so enjoy it!
  • Historic restaurants are fun and adventurous things to visit in Long Island. If you want to dine like back in the 1930s, visit a former clubhouse.

Enjoy your meal like a royal in some of the many historic landmarks

  • Or you can “go back in time” and dine on a local fare.Some of the best restaurants in the USA are located in Long Island. Make sure to explore some of the best restaurants along the beach is an adventure.
  • Check out The Old Salt Restaurant at Lamies Inn. Here you can taste some fresh American, seafood, and vegan dishes. Enjoy some fine lobster meal in Al’s seafood.
  • If you still prefer to eat on a budget, visit Jumpin’ Jack’s Java. They’ll serve you a great coffee, while you enjoy the ocean view. Don’t forget to take a bite of their favorite bagel sandwich!

For art and culture lovers

  • For all the art lovers visiting Museums and galleries on Long Island are a must! Visit Nassau County Museum of Art or famous Long Island Museum of Art, History, and Carriages.
  • History and heritage museums. If you are a history lover, do not miss visiting the “summer Whitehouse” of former president Theodore Roosevelt. Also, Long Island is home to some museums perfect for exploring Native American heritage.

Theaters and shows 

  • The most exciting part of moving to Long Island are the many theaters and live shows.  Long island is a home to some the best quality live shows.
  • Perhaps the reason is the influence of the many famous artists, so don’t forget to visit professional theater at Gateway Playhouse or major performance centers such as the Tilles Center, Staller Center and Jones Beach Theater.