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10 Questions that guarantee success when moving in Brooklyn

Why is moving hard?

10 Questions that guarantee success when moving in Brooklyn

  • Is your company licensed?

Even before you dial the number to call them, you should be able to answer this question by simply taking a quick look on their website. Legal movers readily have their DOT number displayed, whether virtually or physically.

Therefore, conducting a quick search online can almost instantly give you intel on the company you’re viewing at the moment. Once you get their DOT number, check its validity on NYS DOT website.

You will also be able to check if the company has any prior accidents or complaints made against it. It should go without saying, if the DOT number in not valid, expired, or non-existent, walk away and look for another company!

  • How long have you been in business?

Although you can have a successful relocation with a moving company that has only been around for a year, experience is what this industry is truly built on.

A moving company that’s been around for decades has stood the test of time. That is a strong indicator that they know what they’re doing and are more likely to perform to your satisfaction.

Although other important factors come into play when it comes to shopping around for a moving company, this question definitely holds value in itself.

  • What are your rates and what goes into them?

 It is your responsibility to understand the rate you’re given and what services are included in that rate. Movers will typically provide you with one of the three estimates, binding, non-binding, or guaranteed not to exceed.

Although you may be given an estimate over the phone, a reputable mover will also give it to you in writing, before the job via email, and during the actual move via the moving contract.

In addition to the hourly or flat rate, your estimate should describe exactly what you’re paying for. To avoid misunderstandings and moving day disputes, understand exactly the type of estimate you’re getting.

  • Are there any additional charges? What are they?

Depending on the type of estimate you were given, you may not have to worry about any additional charges. Otherwise it is a good idea to ask your movers before hand if they charge extra for particular services and/or circumstances.

Such instances can include but are not limited to: lack of an elevator, multiple stops, disassembly, reassembly, and more. Voice your particular needs and circumstances and be sure to get everything in writing prior to move day.

  • What equipment and material will you provide? Will it cost extra?

Reputable moving companies will always be equipped with dollies, moving pads, and blankets. Although packing material is not included, some great movers do provide complimentary packing kits free of charge to you, as the name so strongly implies.

  • Do you charge travel time?

Travel time is basically the time it takes the movers to get to your point of origin from their terminal and back to movers’ terminal after the move has ended. It is a standard charge for most moving companies.

It is a fee that’s added to your total bill, which you pay when you pay for the entire move, not before. Beware of movers that request this fee separately or upon immediate arrival at point of origin (old home).

  • What liability coverage does your company provide?

Moving companies should be able to provide you with a document explaining their coverage. If you don’t upgrade, your mover’s liability is $.60 per lb.

This is the insurance option that comes with no additional charge to you. Reputable and insured movers will be able to provide additional insurance upon your request. You will have to pay extra for this service. Discuss the rates with your movers.

  • Do you hire day laborers to perform the move?

When hiring professional movers, you want to make sure they handle your belongings with care. Moving is a tough job, which requires a lot of physical labor. But it’s more than just lifting and loading.

To perform the move correctly, experience, skill, and knowledge are required. Some companies hire temps and day laborers. As you can imagine, such workers will have very little to no experience of proper technique and ability to perform the move successfully.

  • How can I pay for the move?

Any reputable moving company will have several options for you to complete payment, such as cash, major credits, and some will even accept personal or cashier check. Your movers should by no means demand you pay in cash only.

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Good Movers Want To Help You, Not Rob You Blind!

Often times, service industries are greatly affected by bottom feeders

  • Whose irresponsible business ethics give the good, hard working guys a bad name. Unfortunately, the moving industry is not exempt from this. With so much negative perception already freely roaming the World Wide Web, it becomes a constant struggle for reliable moving companies to stay afloat and above this falsely portrayed image.
  • As a smart consumer, you will surely research your options before handing over your hard earned dollars to just anyone. But can looks be deceiving? We are here to tell you, that yes they can be! Every day honest and trustworthy movers are cheated out of new clients that are lost to rogue movers.
  • Such companies have many tricks up their sleeve, and unfortunately they work on many unsuspecting consumers, whom are under the impression that they are getting a great deal. When in reality, they are entrusting their belongings to unlicensed scam artists.
  • Enough about that, let’s take a look at some of the great attributes licensed and trustworthy movers possess and how you can benefit from hiring such company for your upcoming move. For more information on how good movers want to help you, not rob you blind!

Please continue reading below:

Good movers want to help you, not rob you blind!

Pro Tip  Know how to spot illegal movers, learn the truth about rogue movers!

  • Legal, licensed movers are registered with FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) for interstate moves, and intrastate authority NYS DOT to operate locally  must comply with a set of regulations that ensure safety and responsible business practices, among  other things.

Licensed and professional movers will not deceive you and are less likely to damage your belongings because they are building a brand, and a good reputation within the community!

Moving company care that you are happy and satisfied!

  • With their services because you are more inclined to refer new clients and return again. They are very proud of the quality service they are known to provide. Licensed movers are very meticulous when handling your belongings, being extra careful not to damage anything.
  • Simply put, good movers want to help you, not rob you blind! Rogue movers on the other hand, just want to get in and get out with one goal in mind, your money! They do not care about their reputation, because their company is not even registered with NYS DOT and FMCSA, and when you’re unlicensed, changing your reputation is as easy as changing the name under which you operate.
  • It is extremely hard to dispute with a company that technically doesn’t exist, and that website you visited a few days prior, is no longer active either. Easy as that, and gone with your money and in some cases, belongings, without a trace!

Licensed and professional moving companies

  • For the most part, made up of many helping hands on deck. From moving representatives to packers, movers, and drivers, legal movers greatly invest in their capability of providing you with a reliable moving service. Each employee possesses a specific set of skills, when combined with the expertise of the rest of the team.
  • Ensures you will be receiving a safe and fair relocation process. Most rogue movers just don’t posses the proper equipment and manpower to handle most moves safely, and oftentimes employ a single person to perform multiple tasks, poorly, to say the least. Yes, it’s possible for a person to be multi talented, but moving is a team effort, and cannot be successfully accomplished by a one-man crew.

Over the years, professional moving companies have earned a reputation of being costly

  • Branded a luxury that only the wealthy can afford. This is mostly due to illegal movers low-balling clients with unrealistic incentives. Resulting in the main offense that gives all movers a bad name in the first place, and gives clients unrealistic ideas of what moving costs should look like.
  • Licensed movers are financially responsible for a multitude of expenses. They must be able to rent an office space, insure their fleet of trucks, employ different level of workers, and much more.
  • They simply cannot afford to charge unrealistically low prices, because they will be putting themselves at risk of not being able to cover all of the expenses associated with running a licensed moving company. Illegal movers don’t have to worry about none of the above.

Licensed movers are fully licensed and comply with a number of rules!

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