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What to do after moving to Brooklyn

Despite all of the details you have to tend to in preparation for your upcoming Brooklyn move, you will have just as many if not more, moving related matters to address afterwards. You may be too busy taking care of everything in time for your NYC move, that you overlook or even fail to consider […]

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Pros and cons of using a self-storage space

Pros and cons of using a self-storage space Whether you’re moving and your new home is not yet ready or you just wish to store some of your excess belongings, you are most likely looking into a self-storage space as one of the options to house your things in the meantime. You may have no […]

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How to pack and move your gym equipment

It does not matter where you do it, as long as you exercise, whether at the gym or at home, you are taking care of your health. Regular exercise not only allows us to lose and maintain a healthy weight, but it also helps to prevent a wide range of health problems. Having a home […]

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How to move an above ground pool

Owning an above ground pool The benefits of owning an above ground pool are many to name. For the most part, many people choose this option simply because the modern above ground pools come equipped with many of the same features as its in-ground counterpart, minus the hefty price tag. So what happens when you […]