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How to negotiate with a moving company

Although we can’t negotiate

Our way through everything in life, when it comes to shopping around for moving services, there maybe room for a little negotiation.

If you’re moving home and looking for a bargain, you may be able to secure a good moving company for a slightly lower rate than originally quoted by using negotiating tips and techniques listed below.

With that said, it is important to remember that a low rate won’t always equal quality service. Therefore, before you can begin to negotiate with a moving company, you will have to locate

best movers near you with good ratings, and with an overall good standing within the community. Continue reading below to learn more on how to negotiate with a moving company.

How to negotiate with a moving company

  • Choose your top picks

Before you can begin to negotiate with a moving company, you must find a reputable company that you can trust with your belongings. Research companies in your area and look for the ones that have good reviews, among many other positive qualities.

Former customers that used the company in the past and were satisfied with their services leave good reviews; hence the company will have an overall good rating.

Pro Tip More tips on how to hire the right movers.

Check for existing promotions

Before you begin to negotiate check the company’s online presence for any existing promotional value offers. This will include their website, and all social media outlets.

Oftentimes companies will utilize social media to promote coupons and special offers to attract new customers. If you don’t find anything, don’t worry. You can still negotiate with a moving company even if they haven’t released any promotions to the public.

  • What is your move date?

A huge factor that will determine your capacity for price negotiation is your moving date. The movers will take the date of your move into great consideration when determining the rate for your move.

Whether you are moving during the weekend, weekday, during the winter, or in the warmer months, it will have a significant affect on the price, affecting it negatively or positively.

The more flexible you are with your moving date, the better your chances at negotiating a lower moving rate. Don’t expect too much leeway during the warmer months, as the demand for moving services is at its highest.

Pro Tip  How to choose the right move date.

  • Get moving estimates

In order to get an accurate estimate you are advised to request an in home estimate. For over the phone moving estimates, do your best to describe everything you will need the movers to relocate.

In order to do this accurately, walk through each room of your home before hand, taking note of everything you will be taking to your new home, excluding the things you will be leaving behind.

Be sure to give the same inventory to each moving company for accurate comparison of quotes. You will also need to indicate at this time whether or not you will require extra services.

Services such as packing, and specialty moving services may cost extra. Items such as a piano, requires special handling and equipment, also resulting in additional costs.

Will you require additional moving insurance? Determine this with your moving estimator because unlike basic coverage, full-value protection is not included with your move. The cost of which is determined by a thorough valuation of your belongings.

Pro Tip Organize each estimate from the least to most expensive.

  • Begin negotiations

The idea is to get estimates from 4 moving companies similar in quality, and have them compete against each other to reduce the total cost of your move. Begin to contact company D (being the most expensive), and ask them to beat your best price, which is company A.

If successful, update the new quote, and continue down the list, until you have successfully negotiated a price you’re satisfied with. Do keep in mind, quality movers will not bring down their rates substantially, because it is the quality you are paying for.

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What Makes Us Reliable Brooklyn Movers

What Makes Us Reliable Brooklyn Movers

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