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Historic District of Sunnyside Gardens

This tightknit community consists of one, two, and three-family homes, and apartment buildings. Due to it’s coveted appeal and location, availability here is scares.

Sunnyside Gardens, listed as a historic district with landmark status is among the first planned communities in the U.S. This neighborhood is recognized for it’s small town feel and very innovative design.

Nestled away

In the western part of Queens, this historic area features small but charming family homes built in the 1920s, arranged around small green spaces.

Sunnyside Gardens features two story brick buildings that are surrounded by large common courts and parks, which provide shared space for gardening and other group activities.

Sunnyside Gardens is also home

to one of only two private residential parks in the city, Sunnyside Gardens Park. The only other privately owned park is Gramercy Park in Manhattan.

The residents of Sunnyside Gardens privately own and maintain Sunnyside Gardens Park. It’s a 3-acre private park, but not exclusive. Anyone willing to pay $162 per year and complete 12 hours of volunteer work may become a member.

The park hosts a number of events

that are open to the public. Many of them are centered around public holidays like St Patrick’s Day or Halloween, while others are the hosting of community arts events such as an outdoor Shakespearean play by a local theater group.

Members-only events include a Camp Out Night and various other events including Spring and Fall cook outs. There are also recreational facilities, including baseball fields, tennis courts, a wading pool, and woodlands with grill and picnic tables.