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SoHo’s picturesque cobblestone streets

  • Cast-iron buildings and designer boutiques undoubtedly draw quite a crowd. Few places in Manhattan are as distinct and charming as SoHo. Ultra-chic and luxurious. Impeccably dressed residents and gorgeously preserved architectural treasures make it easy to see why real estate here is so highly coveted.
  • Choosing the right movers to get you there is just as important. As one of the top SoHo  movers Manhattan, we provide reliability and quality that cannot be beat.
  • We offer a wide variety of local, long distance, residential and commercial moving services. When hiring professional movers, the integrity of your move will closely reflect your choice. Many companies lure their customers with false incentives just to get a job.
  • At, SoHo Movers Manhattan  movers our mission is provide our customers with an honest, professional and efficient moving service at cost-effective price. You will never have to worry about hidden fees, unprofessional crew, or damaged and missing items when moving with SoHo  movers.

Moving Services We Offer:

  • We will take care of everything. From disassembling, packing, and transporting your items to everything in between. If your new home is not yet ready or you have extra items, we offer affordable storage solutions as well. Our storage space is clean and climate controlled.
  • We know what is at stake with your upcoming move. We understand that no two moves are ever the same and one fits all approach does not work. At, SoHo Movers, we prefer a more personalized solution to all of the moves we perform. Our customized moving and packing services pertain to your particular needs. We employ amicable and polite moving representatives that are always here to answer your calls. Call today and let’s begin planning your move together.

SoHo, South of Houston Street

  • Originally an industrial area. SoHo is a neighborhood in downtown Manhattan. Known for the world’s largest collection of 19th-century cast-iron buildings. The buildings that were originally intended to be factories have since been converted into some of the most expensive real estate in the City. Ultra-chic, expensive, and enormous loft spaces with gorgeous, high windows and iron detailing give this Historic District it’s highly sought after reputation and appeal.
  • SoHo or “South of Houston Street” is a picturesque, upscale neighborhood of cast iron architecture, pricey boutiques, and quaint cafés along narrow, cobblestone side streets, made of Belgian Blocks. This area possesses a powerful aesthetic allure, attracting celebrities, top models, artists and businessman alike.
  • A former manufacturing district, this chic neighborhood is the city’s most fashionable neighborhood with no shortage of trendy spots for shopping and dining. Here you can find a variety of shops ranging from trendy upscale boutiques to national chain store outlets.
  • Everything from cheap street fashion to upscale designer and stylish items from home-décor stores can be found here. This sought-after hotspot is also home to some of the beloved eateries in the City.
  • From Jamaican jerk chicken to standout pasta at Italian restaurants, SoHo is in no shortage of whatever you are craving. Transportation in the neighborhood is extremely convenient as well. Whenever you’re in the mood for some one of a kind shopping and food, there are various trains servicing the neighborhood.

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