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It comes as no surprise that so many people choose to move to Park Slope

  • It is deemed as one of the city’s most coveted areas in which to live today. Moving is exciting, let Park Slope movers ensure an easy and stress-free process.

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Loving Life at The Historic Park Slope

  • Located in South Brooklyn.  Is one of the most culturally vibrant and ethnically diverse neighborhoods of New York City. French, Greek, and Renaissance Romanesque design flood this amazing neighborhood. It offers up a pleasant combination of historic charm. An eco-friendly character, and a family-friendly essence.
  • Park Slope is known for its tree-lined streets, historic buildings, top-rated restaurants, and shops. Due to its youthful and modern culture, Park Slope is abundant in entertainment options. Bars, clubs, cafes, performance spaces for new artists, and a wide variety of art galleries are prime in this neighborhood. Park Slope is filled with boutiques and independent stores, making it a popular Brooklyn shopping destination.
Prospect Park Slope

Prospect Park Slope

  • Top attraction is, of course, the Prospect Park. A beautiful park designed by the same architect who designed Manhattan‘s, Central Park. The 585 acres offer up everything from a Farmers’ Market and free concerts in warmer months to ice-skating and sledding in the winter. It even provides entertainment for the furry members of the family. Prospect Park hosts a “dog beach”, where four-legged New Yorkers go for a swim. Park Slope is also home to The Brooklyn Museum, The Brooklyn Botanical Garden, the Brooklyn Conservatory, and the Brooklyn Category of Music.
  • Park Slope is home to an estimated 63,000 individuals. This number continues to grow as more and more people take up residence in the brownstones, townhouses, and luxury apartments that include some great views of the city. The constant stream of strollers on the sidewalks makes it clear that this is a place where many choose to raise families. In fact, Park Slope is largely recognized by its kid-friendly atmosphere, so much so that you may find them at your local bar and restaurant. Park Slope hosts a number of schools. There are six elementary schools and a number of private schools.

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