Park Slope Movers

Park Slope Movers

Licensed professional local moving company of Park Slope. We form relationships and business partnerships with the most credible sources to provide you with the services you can rely on.

We built the moving business on trust. If there is no trust between the mover and the customer, then the job itself becomes that much harder.

With over 20 years of experience, we know what works for our clients, and what doesn’t. Our goal is to always eliminate the stress involved. When everyone is more relaxed, things just flow more smoothly.

Park Slope Movers Near Me

Park Slope Movers Near Me
Park Slope Movers Near Me

As soon as you contact us for your moving quote Brooklyn. We will be honest and upfront from the very beginning. Professional moving services at the most possible reasonable low rates!

Park Slope Movers will provide as much information as needed pertaining to your move. We will always answer questions you will have.

Even if you decide to move with another company, we will go as far as giving you pointers and questions that you can ask your movers to make your upcoming move easier.

We have the experience 

We have the experience
We have the experience

Equipment, and human resources to conduct your move safely and without pricey setbacks. Here are just some things that set us apart and make us the trusted movers of Park Slope area.

Fully Licensed We are a legal, full-service moving company in Brooklyn. As the trusted movers of Park Slope area, you can always find our DOT numbers on our trucks, website, and paperwork.

We always encourage our perspective and new clients to look us up and verify the information through the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Insured As a fully licensed

Legally operating moving company, we offer our clients several insurance options. Whether you’re comfortable with the basic coverage or wish to upgrade, we have got you covered.

Affordability besides quality, we are the Brooklyn movers that offer affordability as well. Our rates are competitive within the Tri-State Area.

Quality we train Our office and moving crews to provide you with the best quality service possible. All of our moving equipment is up to date and upgraded with extra features to make for a smoother move.

It doesn’t end there…

We understand that the safety of your home and everything in it is very important to you. It is very important to us too. Safety precautions are not only vital for the clients but for the movers as well.

We always ask our clients to do their best to create a safe environment for the movers, as we will do the same.


Experience will always confirm that we are an honest, and hardworking company. Affordability and reliability are our key traits as well.

Awards and credentials

Our reputation literally precedes us. Green City Movers is a BBB with an A+ rating. You won’t find any complaints against us. You won’t learn of any accidents either. As a highly recommended moving company on Angie’s List, we have achieved the honorable Super Service Award 3 years in a row.


We take every moving job, no matter how small, seriously. We will never cancel or reschedule your move. Some movers will move their smaller jobs to accommodate a bigger payday, but not us.

Take our word for it

Try your best to avoid dishonest and illegal movers. It is one of the biggest steps you can take to protect your family on the big day. Whether you move with us, we want you to be safe and equipped with the proper knowledge.

Falling prey to illegal is an extremely unfortunate, but common scenario. As with any service provider, you do your research and ask friends or family for reference. It is no different with movers. When it comes to moving home, a lot is at risk.

Your belongings, safety, and welfare are potentially all at risk when moving home. When moving with kids, you want to take even greater precautions to make sure their environment is safe.

This means, you too create a safe space for your family and moving crew. The steps you take can decrease your chances of encountering rogue movers.

Ask for referrals

Avoid a bad experience by asking family and friends for reference. Their experience can help you avoid making the same mistake. Or aid in finding great movers!

Licensed and Insured?

Call the moving companies of your choice and request their license number. This information should also be available on their official website.

Large Deposits?

A legitimate Brooklyn moving company will not require large deposits or cash in advance before we have performed any service. Be very cautious if a mover requires you to pay in advance.

During peak season, licensed movers may ask for a small deposit to reserve your spot.

Low-ball estimates

It is important to have several estimates from moving companies. Compare the quotes and choose the best one. This can also help eliminate the chances of encountering rogue movers.

If a moving estimate is much lower than the competition, that should raise a red flag. Illegal movers do this to appear more attractive to customers. A good deal people look for the most when hiring movers. They know this and exploit it to their advantage.

Negative reviews

Although good companies are not exempt from occasional bad reviews, excessive negative remarks are a likely indicator you may be in store for the same negative experience.

Reading online reviews can help you learn from the first-hand experience of previous clients. This is true for both, negative and positive reviews.

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Loving Life at The Historic Park Slope

In South Brooklyn. One of the most culturally vibrant and ethnically diverse neighborhoods of New York City.
French, Greek, and Renaissance, Romanesque design flood this amazing neighborhood.

It offers a pleasant combination of historic charm. An Eco-friendly character, and a family-friendly essence.
We know Park Slope for its tree-lined streets, historic buildings.
Top-rated restaurants, and shops. Because of its youthful and modern culture, Park Slope is abundant in entertainment options.

Bars, clubs, cafes, performance spaces for new artists. A wide variety of art galleries are prime in this neighborhood.
Park Slope boutiques and independent stores. Making it a popular Brooklyn shopping destination.

The Prospect Park

A beautiful park designed by the same architect who designed Manhattan’s, Central Park.

The 585 acres offer everything from a Farmers’ Market and free concerts in warmer months to ice-skating and sledding in the winter.

It even entertains the furry members of the family.
Prospect Park hosts a “dog beach”, where four-legged New Yorkers go for a swim.

Park Slope is home

To about 63,000 individuals. This number continues to grow as more and more people take up residence in the brownstones, townhouses, and luxury apartments.

Park Slope is also home to The Brooklyn Museum, The Brooklyn Botanical Garden, the Brooklyn Conservatory, and the Brooklyn Category of Music.

The constant stream of strollers on the sidewalks. Clarifies that this is a place where many choose to raise families.
In fact, its kid-friendly atmosphere largely recognized Park Slope.

So much so that you may find them at your local bar and restaurant. Park Slope hosts several schools.
There are six elementary schools and several private schools.

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