Obtaining Mover’s USDOT Number

Obtaining mover’s USDOT number

When relocating there are many companies to choose from. Many appear legitimate and offer competitive prices. Do a thorough research on your candidates. Ensure the movers you pick are trustworthy and reliable. It is of great importance to check if the company of your choice has license authority to perform your move. Request a DOT license number and refer to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) when obtaining Mover’s USDOT Number. Companies that operate commercial vehicles, transporting passengers or hauling cargo in interstate commerce must be registered with the FMCSA. They must have a USDOT Number. This number is unique for the company. It gives information about the mover’s compliance with a number of regulations. It goes without saying, if in any case the DOT number is not accurate, cross the company off your list immediately.


Operating status – Must read “active” or “authorized”.  An indication that the company is authorized to relocate. An “Out of service” status means that the mover has no rights to operate.

Carrier Operation – Information on the particular operation(s) the carrier is allowed to perform. (interstate, intrastate hazardous material, or intrastate non-hazardous material transportation).

Units/ Accidents – This is the number of vehicles that are operated by the moving company. Shows if they were involved in any accidents, if so the number of how many times will be listed.

Carrier Rating – Shows the compliance of the moving company with the FMCSA’s Safety Regulations. This rating is to a large extent given based on an interview with the management of the moving company. Highest rating of “satisfactory” indicates no major non-compliance with the safety regulations of the FMCSA. “Conditional” means there was some non-compliance with 1 or more safety requirements. “unsatisfactory” rating indicates the mover is greatly out of compliance with the safety regulations.


obtaining mover's usdot number
NYSDOT 39058 USDOT 2449113