Moving while feeling sick

The Flu Season Is Officially Among Us

During this time, some of us will wind up sick during a rather important time in our lives. Moving is exhausting even when you feel completely healthy and energetic.

Moving while feeling sick may feel like an impossible task to complete. Postponing a move just isn’t realistic when arrangements are already made and boxes packed.

The good news is moving while feeling sick is achievable and it will be over before you know it. When postponing your move is not an option, follow our tried and tested tips below for moving while feeling sick.

Help Is On The Way

The packing and moving process can be stressful on both the body and mind, this is particularly true if you are not feeling 100% on move day. If you have planned to move with a professional moving company all along, your circumstances will be much more favorable than if you planned to move on your own.

Find Reputable Moving Company

If you decide you need help moving after all, you shouldn’t have a problem finding a reputable moving company, as most are equipped to handle last minute moves.

Explain to the movers that you’re sick and won’t be able to be as hands-on in the moving process as you’d like to be. They are trained professionals, who will take care of everything while you rest.

Make Sure To Give Them Clear Directions

So that they know how to help you. Tell them where you’d like certain boxes and furniture set up. If possible, ask a friend or family member to handle the interactions with your movers.

If you still feel the need to coordinate and help out, avoid heavy lifting and take frequent breaks to recharge, as your body needs them.

Ask Family And Friends To Help Out

If hiring professional movers does not fit into your budget, ask family and friends to help out. Explain to them that you are sick and require extra help to get through this process. Order pizza and have beverages handy, to keep them fueled and hydrated.

Tread With Care

It won’t do you any good if you push yourself to exhaustion and wind up feeling worse than before. Be mindful that with everything that is going on it is easy forget to take your medication and stay hydrated, if you have to, set an alarm as a reminder.

Do Not Neglect Your Need For Rest

Take good care of yourself throughout the entire move, do not neglect your need for rest. Once you have arrived to your destination and it’s time to unpack, keep in mind that you will have plenty of time to get your house in order once you’re feeling better.

Our advice is to unpack only the necessities and get the much-needed rest you require. More than likely you will be up on your feet, feeling much better in a few days time and then you can really get to work in organizing your new home.

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