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How to make friends in a new city

One of the main factors that will affect your life

When moving to a new city is knowing very few people there, if any at all. It is a natural human need to surround ourselves with people that are like-minded. So what are we likely to long for when moving to a new city? Some friends, of course! While moving to a new city alone is an exhilarating experience, it can get lonely at times. Not everyone is outgoing and a natural extrovert. Some of us need a good setting and people that are willing to meet us half way. For the purpose of this article, we have created a list of some of the great ways on how to make friends in a new city. While some steps are more daring than others, there is a little something for everyone. No matter what your personality type is, get to reading our article below and stop feeling like an outsider today!

How to make friends in a new city

  • Your friends’ friend

One of the best ways to meet people after having moved to a new city is by asking people you already know if they in fact have any connections there. If in fact they do, have your friend connect you with that person ahead of time via social media, etc., so that when you arrive in your new city, you will already have someone you know there. Reach out, make plans, go out to dinner or drinks, and get to know them better.

  • Co-workers = friends?

Your place of work could be a potential gold mine to meet new people who may turn into some of the best friends you ever had. Grab lunch with them, hit up happy hour, and over a short period of time you will be able to tell if you hit it off or not. Chances are you will get closer and start planning activities outside of work.

  • Love thy neighbor

We’ve all heard stories of neighbors from hell that seem to exist solely to make everyone’s life around them as miserable as they are. Although neighbors like that do exist, it doesn’t hurt to open up and make an effort to engage with your neighbors. What’s the worst that can happen? You will learn of their true nature and know to keep your distance. But what if in fact you hit it off and learn that you have much in common. Not only can your neighbor become a friend, but they also lived in the neighborhood longer than you and at the very least can give you pointers on all the happenings in the neighborhood.

  • Follow your passion

People who share the same passion can easily find common ground because they already have something in common. If you’re new in the city and don’t know anyone, a great way to meet new people is through activities that you’re interested in. If you love working out or enjoy yoga, find a fitness studio, pick a class, and scope out prospective friends. Act friendly, approachable, ask questions, and before you know it you will have a familiar face in your weekly yoga class that can potentially turn into a friend you can do other things with as well.

  • Dog = dog park = people!

If you’re a dog owner, a great way to meet new people is by taking your dog to the park! Not only will they get the much-needed exercise and playtime, but it will also give you time to chat up other dog owners. If you frequent the same park over time, you’re bound to run into the same people. You already have one thing in common so why not find out if there may be other things as well. If you’re not a dog owner, visit your local shelter and adopt one! Not only will they fill your life with much joy and love, you won’t feel as lonely anymore either. Not to mention feel great about saving a life, because all a dog wants is someone to love, unconditionally. After all, a dog is a man’s best friend!

  • Check out cultural events

A great way to meet a plethora of new people is by attending entertainment events such as free concerts and art exhibits. People are usually much more approachable and easy going in such environments, making it easy to strike up a conversation and potentially befriend a few attendees.

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