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Housewarming Party Tips

What is the main reason most of us relocate home?

For the housewarming party we get to host after the fact of course. While there is very little truth to that statement, non-the-less housewarming parties remain one of the main rituals associated with moving. Moving is exciting, and marks a new beginning.

Why not commemorate this exciting time with close family and friends. And of course, most of us do just that. While there are many different themed gatherings associated with moving, such as the packing or cleaning party, housewarming will be the sole focus of this article.

Continue reading below as we address a to-do list and housewarming party tips you can implement when planning your very own housewarming.

Housewarming party tips

  • Invitations

Once you lock in the desired time and date, it’s time to let everyone in on the secret! Send out invitations to family and friends whom you wish to be in attendance.

You can do this electronically or through the mail. Whatever you decide on, there are tons of invitation ideas available on the social network, Remember, enticing invitations help set the tone for the actual event.

  • Decorations

Want to make sure your housewarming party is the party that everyone remembers for years to come? Invest in decorations. Housewarming decorations are a great way to set the mood and make the entire event that much more entertaining.

Although rather festive, housewarming decorations can add up. If your budget doesn’t allow for elaborate ready to go decorations, don’t fret! There are many DIY decoration ideas that can be found online. A little effort and creativity will get you far!

Pro Tip Themed decorations make it easy to set the food and drinks menu!

  • Party Favors

Party favors are a great way to thank your guests for being a part of this special occasion. Although, not all party favors are built the same, you can choose to customize them to last a lifetime. Just be sure to not add anything perishable in the mix.

This will allow your guests to savor the memory for as long as they wish. You will be surprised to learn the large number of people who really do appreciate such gestures. No matter how small, it still holds a special meaning.

  • Food and Drinks

Just like everything else on this list, the menu you will be serving at your housewarming party is of great importance. Create a menu that will keep you out of the kitchen, and your guests full and taste buds happy.

You can further incorporate decoration ideas when serving food and drinks as well. In fact, it is a great way to jazz things up. Unique food containers, kitchenware, and specialty drinks can be all of the decorations that you will need at your housewarming party.

Pro Tip  Finger food is your best friend! Don’t be shy to experiment.

  • Activities 

What is a housewarming party without some fun activities for everyone to enjoy? Boring! We’re just kidding. But seriously, whether your crowd loves to party or is more on a conservative side, implementing activities is a must for your housewarming party.

Something as small as having your guests sign in a keepsake book can be fun for everyone. For the risk takers, create a fun guessing game when unwrapping the gifts. Simply don’t read the tag and try to guess who the gift is from.

This activity doesn’t require any additional purchases or expenses, other than what will already be present in your home. Making this activity a very cost effective option.

Assuming you cleaned thoroughly before or right after moving in, be sure to also tidy up the day before your guests arrive. Whether you’re fully settled and unpacked or not, creating a clean, comfortable environment for your guests will also help you to showcase your

new digs in the best possible light. After all, your friends and family are eager to check out your new place and judge it for themselves. Don’t give them something negative to talk about, if it can be avoided.

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