History of The Moving Industry

It is estimated that our planet Earth, formed around 4500 million years ago

Since its formation, the Earth has gone through several stages. Progressively evolving. The earliest modern humans are recorded to have arrived around 200,000 years ago. Constantly changing and evolving. Modern day people that populate the Earth today. Since the early human life, the development of agriculture permitted the creation of first cities. The development of cities gave rise to civilizations.

This process of society development is ever changing. In the last century alone, Americans underwent big social and cultural changes. Strongly contributing to our way of life today. Clothing styles, jobs, living circumstances and modes of transportation differ in comparison. The market for these goods and services has also undergone profound changes. Consumer driven markets are always adapting to cater to our needs.

As humans entered the agricultural period, the wheel was invented

One of the biggest changes in markets over time has been the expansion in the choice of goods of and services available. The moving industry is among the many that make up the latter. For more on history of the moving industry:

For thousands of years before the wheel was invented, people used wooden structures that resembled the modern day sled.Which were then dragged behind horses or by hand. As humans entered the agricultural period, the wheel was invented. Increasing efficiency in the moving process. This led to people inventing the wooden cart.

In the early days of civilization, only the wealthy could afford transporting their goods

The wagon and the rail car. In the early days of civilization, only the wealthy could afford transporting their goods. The average person didn’t have the need for moving. Families stayed in the same home for many years. Years into the future, professional moving was developed in the U.S. after undergoing the expansion of the intercontinental railroads in the 1800’s.

Moving companies would then use horse-drawn wagons to move items to warehouses. Placed next to railroads. Items would then be packed and crated for shipping. The moving company would then load them onto a rail car. Unloading them at another warehouse when they reached location.

The moving industry consisted of a number of companies

Vans would then replace moving via the railroad by the early 1900’s. By the mid 1920’s, vehicles were an integral part of the industry. The moving industry consisted of a number of companies. All operating independently. Fast-forward into the 21st century. There are a variety of moving companies.

From large to small companies. Trucks that focus both on sustainability and the environment. Varying in price and services. From just a click of a mouse, e-mail or a phone call away, you can easily find a moving company to assist you on your move from the comfort of your home.

From horse-drawn wagons to tractor-trailers

The industry grew and expanded over the years. So did the competition. Old approaches to acquiring new customers and business proved to no longer be viable. Moving companies had to come up with new incentives to lure in prospective clients. By all means necessary. This gave rise to false advertisement. Hidden fees and deception. From horse-drawn wagons to tractor-trailers. This industry has bloomed.

With an estimated $12 million dollar revenue annually. With 8,000 companies across the U.S. one thing is certain, life on planet Earth is constantly evolving and changing. Not always for the better. The choices we make today, shape the environment we will be living in the future. Collectively and as individuals we need to proceed in a matter that ensures a sustainable and healthy future.