Helpful tips for newlyweds moving in together

So you decided to wait until after marriage to move in together and the time has finally come for the both of you to organize your upcoming move. You will be faced with one big decision after another, and although this is a very happy time for you, things can quickly become stressful. Be patient, and remember, certain parts of your relationship will inevitably change, but its up to the both of you to make this transition a positive one. To start planning for your move, we have created a list of top helpful tips for newlyweds moving in together.

  • Before you can plan your move you must first decide whether you will find a new place together or move into either one of your current homes. Take into consideration factors such as commutes to work, accommodations for pets, neighborhood amenities like restaurants, shopping, and safety.
  • Begin your move-in process by taking a complete inventory of your joint possessions and get rid of all duplicate items that you will not need in your new home. If you are having a tough time deciding whose couch will work best in your new home, avoid fighting about it and use logic to resolve the issue. Whose couch will fit better or is in better shape? Don’t put off this decision until after you move, because the more items you pack and move, the more time and money it will cost you. Consider creating a floor plan for your move, to help guide you during this important step. If there is still a bunch of stuff you’re unsure whether to take with you or throw out, you may want to consider storing these items until you are ready to make the decision. 
  • Discuss what your shared living space should look like. If you and your new spouse don’t share the same style when it comes to household décor, avoid hurting each other’s feelings and focus on achieving a unified look that will make your new place feel like home for the both of you.
  • Feel free to designate your own personal space within the home. Everyone needs personal space; so don’t feel guilty or hurt if you and your spouse want to have a private zone. It is a healthy part of living together and can help avoid blow-ups. If you have a place to retrieve to and gather your thoughts, you can avoid saying or doing something you will later regret.
  • Work out your shared budget before the bills start piling up, and decide who is paying what. Each of you should commit to a responsibility and take care of it when the time comes each month. Discussing this delicate matter in advance will enable you to adjust more quickly to the new spending habits you’ll have.
  • Thoroughly discuss both of your expectations regarding cleanliness and designate house chores. Discuss things like who will clean bathrooms and who will do the dishes.
  • Most importantly, you must remember, the key to a successful and long lasting relationship is constant, open communication between you and your spouse. Talk about your needs, and concerns before they mold into big issues.

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