How to move out of your Brooklyn public storage unit

Are you getting ready to pack up and move out? Move out of your public storage unit, that is. If so, you’ve come to the right place! Operating for over 20 years, licensed and insured moving company Brooklyn, we at Green City Movers assisted many of our clients with the process of moving in or […]

Moving from US to Australia Everything You Need to Know

Fresh Start Moving To Australia Looking for a fresh start on the other side of the world? Are you ready to embark on a new journey to the Land of Oz? By this time, reading this article is basically a giveaway”” you’re either: certain you want to live in Australia  considering moving to Australia. Either […]

Do Brooklyn movers require moving deposits?

Short answer is Yes, and it depends! Do Brooklyn movers require moving deposits and when do you pay movers upfront? Short answer is Yes, and it depends! When hiring a Brooklyn moving company, you might find that some movers will require a moving company deposit to prevent their clients from canceling at the last minute. Since […]

Who are the cheapest movers in Brooklyn?

When it comes to moving home Most of us will agree that it is not the most welcoming life event. Although the idea of a brand new start is exciting, the actual act of relocation can be dreadful. In addition to all the work and planning, you will also have to financially prepare to cover […]

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