Moving In A Hurry

Moving is an important event in anyone’s life and it consumes a lot of time, effort and energy. There are many important factors to consider when planning a move, to ensure things go smoothly and efficiently. Some people, will have the luxury of time on their hands to tread slowly and carefully, others won’t be … Read more

Green City Movers FAQ

How do I book a move with Green City Movers?  There are several ways to plan and book with Green City Movers: To begin, you can fill out our free online estimate form and get an insight to what your move might cost. Reach our customer care center directly by calling 1(718)-576-3736, to speak with … Read more

Environmentally-Friendly Moving?

Green movement initiatives have emerged across nearly all consumer sectors. As a result, more companies appear to be making efforts towards reducing their carbon footprint on the planet. Going green has taken businesses by a storm. The demand for environmentally friendly services and products continues to grow. Resulting in an immense amount of marketing campaigns … Read more

Moving to New Home

moving new home

For the most part, moving to new home is undoubtedly an exciting time. Whether you are moving out on your own for the first time or expanding your family and need bigger space. Moving to new home offers new beginnings, a fresh start and a sense of adventure. On the flip side, moving can become quite … Read more

Green Moving or “Greenwashing”?

Going “green”? Over the last few centuries, pollutants, such as greenhouse gases have made a tremendous negative impact on our environment. The devastating effects and growing awareness have prompted us to become more mindful of the way we lead our day-to-day lives and the carbon footprints we leave behind. Today more people around the world … Read more

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