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What to do after moving to Brooklyn

  • Despite all of the details you have to tend to in preparation for your upcoming Brooklyn move, you will have just as many if not more, moving related matters to address afterwards.
  • You may be too busy taking care of everything in time for your NYC move, that you overlook or even fail to consider post move tasks that require your attention.
  • While it would be great to just move from one place to another and be done with it, that is usually not the case.
  • As you can see having a checklist for things to do after you move is just as important as your

Moving in Brooklyn checklist. Make sure you know what to do after moving to Brooklyn, and you can start by checking out our helpful tips below.

What to do after moving to Brooklyn

  • Clean your new home

Unless you are moving locally, you won’t have a chance to clean your new home before your stuff arrives.

Although that would be ideal, as you then won’t have to struggle to navigate around furniture and boxes, cleaning after the move is not impossible and can be done.

Make a note of this and prepare accordingly, in terms of cleaning supplies. If you hired licensed Brooklyn movers┬áto help you relocate, then you didn’t have a chance to save any of your cleaning products and will have to buy some after the move.

You will want to anticipate a visit to your local grocery store or pharmacy sometime within the first few days in your new home, as you will want to clean your home before you begin to unpack.

  • Conduct a thorough walkthrough of your new home

As stated earlier, unless you’re moving locally, you won’t have the chance to visit your new home before the actual move.

Although you should be able to rely on your landlord to take care of any problems before you arrive, you will want to check for yourself. Issues that may not be apparent at first, can surface and cause problems in the future. Check for pest, leaking pipes, and mold, just to name a few.

If you have small children, make sure your new residence is child proofed. If adjustments need to be made, tend to them promptly.

  • Take inventory as you unpack

As you arrive in your new Brooklyn home and begin to unpack, you are highly advised to take inventory of your belongings.

You will want to make sure that everything is accounted for and in its original state. You can also take photos of your stuff prior to the move.

This way if something is missing or damaged you will have proof when filing a claim with your movers.

Remember, unpacking is a time consuming process, don’t rush through it. If something is off, it’s best you learn about it as soon as possible rather than later.

  • Set up utilities and service providers

Although you will want to transfer utilities from your old home to your new one prior to your move, for obvious reasons such as having electricity upon immediate arrival, you won’t have the same opportunity when it comes to several service providers, such as TV and internet.

Most of time you will have to wait until after you move to start receiving these services. Since you will likely have to wait several days for a technician to come out to your home for set up, you will want to request such services as soon as logically possible.

  • Change your address

Keep in mind that it may take some time for the post office to process your request for a change of address. Therefore, it is something you will want to take care of before you move, rather than after moving to Brooklyn.

If you’re perhaps moving out of your parents house and can trust that any mail you receive after your departure will be safe, then you may not feel the sense of urgency to change your address. If you don’t change your address before the move, this is something you will want to do shortly after.

  • Find healthcare providers

If you will be changing healthcare providers as a result of your move, you will want to ask your current physicians for recommendations. Otherwise you will want to find new ones soon after moving to Brooklyn.

Finding a health care provider you can trust and feel comfortable with can take some time. Don’t wait till you or a family member is ill to look for a new one, especially if you have children of young age.

  • Register your vehicle

If you moved to Brooklyn from another state then you will have to register your car and driver’s license with New York State. Find out how much time you have to do so and act accordingly. Simply visit your local DMV office and file all of the proper paperwork in a timely manner.

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