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How to make an affordable NYC move?

How To Make Affordable NYC move!

So you are moving to New York City?

This is a great news, congrats! Maybe this was an easy decision for you. But, maybe it was hard for you to decide and it wasn’t just a simple step to take. You probably have been thinking for a long time about it and had a lot of factors to consider.

Especially if you are moving from a smaller town or another state. If you have a limited budget, like almost all of us, you need to find the right way to move to NYC. And you need to know the way how to stay on a budget.

This definitely is not an easy task but with the right moving company NYC, you won’t encounter any trouble with this. Brooklyn Movers – Green City Movers will take care of your move and make sure you have an affordable NYC move. 

You can make it!

Every year thousands of people from across the country pack their belongings and head to New York City. Some of them don’t even have a plan. New York City is glamorous and as you already know – if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. You need to find the right way and make this possible.

If you haven’t lived in New York never before, then you probably don’t have a job. Also, you probably don’t have any friends. This is not a huge problem if you are moving with your family. You must be wondering and asking yourself plenty of questions.

The main one for sure is: How to have a comfortable life in a city so big? What if I don’t make it a and end up broke and on a bus back to the small town I came from?

Well, in a perfect world, you would have enough money saved up to live on for a couple months. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t make an affordable NYC move on a dwarfish budget. 

Know what you want in order to make an affordable NYC move

First of all, before you even start with a hunt for your perfect, yet affordable NYC home, you need to have a clear picture of what is that you want. Well, if not absolutely clear, then at least blurred.

You must be wondering how can you provide an apartment and make sure that you’re not homeless while you work? The New York City has its own challenging and somewhat quirky real estate world. But we’ve got you covered.

These resources will get you a home in a small amount of time. All you have to do is to be patient and try to stay positive. Although relocation may seem like one of the biggest stressors in life, you will make it through. Like everyone does. Just follow our advice below.

Explore the NYC neighborhoods

When trying to make an affordable NYC move, the first thing you should do is to research all of the neighborhoods of New York. Then, having in mind what you have seen, you should consider all the elements and make a decision based on your needs.

If you have children, don’t forget to check all the schools and find out which one would be the best for your kid. Allow your kids to have a word in this too.

Exploring the NYC boroughs will also help you learn to get around in NYC, so it will be easier when you move. We are about to offer you a list of the most affordable neighborhoods in New York City:

  • Astoria (Queens)
  • Washington Heights (West 155-181st street)
  • Bedford-Stuyvesant (Brooklyn)
  • Greenpoint (Brooklyn)
  • East Williamsburg/Bushwick (Brooklyn)

Find a roommate

If you don’t have a place to go when you move to New York City, and you don’t have a budget to pay the rent all by yourself, you will need to search for a roommate. However, you probably don’t want to get an apartment until you know where you will be working.

So you should wait and put the roommate hunting on a hold until you know for sure where you will be working. You definitely want your apartment to be nearby your office. Throughout all the neighborhoods, you will find a lot of people looking for a roommate or offering a room for rent.

There are a lot of roommate matching services available. You maybe want to search the Craigslist first, but newbies to NYC often become victims of scams from this site. People are aware there is a constant flow of persons that are eager to move here, so they are using this to their benefit. A safer way to find a roommate is to use an actual rental site or service.

Find year-long apartments

Once you have found your roommate and found out where you will work, you can finally choose the NYC neighborhood. Probably the best option for an affordable NYC move will be finding a year-long rental.

It is possible that you will need the help of a moving broker. We are talking about real estate agent who will show you listings which he gets access to. He/she will give you a hand and negotiate to get you approved for in your favorite apartment.

Just be careful and pay attention to the agent’s fee, which is usually 10 to 15 percent of your annual rent. This can cost you a lot: for example, if your two-bedroom apartment’s rent is $2,200 a month, your broker’s fee will be between $2,650 to $3,950 on top of a

security deposit (this is usually one month’s rent, which a landlord will hold until the end of your lease to protect against damages) and your first month’s rent. All of this money needs to be given the moment you sign the lease, which is a lot at once.

Sell the stuff you don’t need or put it in a storage unit

When moving to NYC you will probably need to get rid of all the things that aren’t necessary to take with you. You will probably be living with a roommate for a bit and your first place will likely be the size of a matchbox. So there is no point holding onto the stuff that is big and heavy. However, you can put all those things in a storage unit NYC, that will keep them safe and clean.